Chapter Board

Ziad Jehayem, CMA, CSCA 


Ziad is a CMA and a CSCA. He enjoys more than 10 years of experience in the fields of Banking, Finance, Accounting and Public Speaking across multiple industries.

As well, Ziad is the President of IMA Lebanon Chapter and the Founder of Finance.Gurus page on Instagram.

Finance.gurus is an informative and educational page that shares everything happening all around the world, related to finance and economy, in a comprehensive and simplified way. As well, it shares motivational posts that help people stay positive, stay focused on their goals and careers, and motivate them to achieve their dreams. Moreover, the page shares tips that people can use in their daily life, and in their career, in order to be successful.

Christy Cattouf, CMA, CPA (LACPA)

Vice President

Christy Cattouf received her Bachelor and Masters degree in Business and Management from Saint-Joseph University in Beirut.
She is a Lebanese Certified Public Accountant licensed from the Lebanese Association of Public accountants in Lebanon (LACPA) since 2012.
She has 10 years experience in auditing and she is currently the financial controller of Logicom Middle East, a distribution company of Information technology and services located in Beirut, for more than six years.

Joanna Azzi, CMA


Joanna enjoys being a Financial Planning Analyst for more than 5 years in the banking industry.

She is currently the Treasurer of the IMA Lebanon Chapter.

As well, Joanna is passionate about social impact and currently the president of the NGO “Hayda Baytak”.

Mark Nacouzi, CMA

Engagement VPdef64e3f-3e99-456d-9b43-bc597a46f15e.jpg
Mark received his bachelor’s degree in finance from American University of Science and Technology and holds an MBA from Lebanese American University (LAU). He became a Certified Management Accountant(CMA) in 2016. Mark enjoys 7+ years of experience working in the field of Banking, Finance Accounting and Taxation. As well, Mark is currently a student at Diploma in Financial Reporting (DipIFR) – ACCA.

Maya Abou Jaoude, CMA

Maya is the assistant Manager Accountant in Risk Operations sal Company, a company in Beirut managing the work of a large multinational group. Maya is a CMA, holds a Masters I Degree in Auditing, and has more than 12 years of experience in the field of accounting. Throughout her career, Maya has held multiple accounting positions, specifically in the insurance industry. Maya started as a volunteer in IMA Lebanon Chapter since its establishment and held many roles afterwards within the chapter, including team Leader for social events and team Project Leader for academic relations. She currently holds the position of the Secretary of the Board. Her primary objective is to raise awareness about the importance of CMA certification and to uphold the interests of CMA members.