President's Message

As a founding board member I have witnessed the hard work to see the formation of this chapter in 2016 initiated by M. Gaby Lahoud who encouraged and gathered a team of board members and volunteers from scratch.

It’s a great honor for me to take over the presidency this year, and guide a team of young passionate members to create value for the CMA’s in Lebanon.

 We are committed to raise awareness of the importance of the tools provided by the IMA including the continuous education programs, to stand out of the crowd as the workplace of the future is getting more and more competitive, challenging and selective.

 The Lebanon Chapter will be providing opportunities for professional development through workshops and webinars and networking events to help our members advance in their career path.

 I would like to thank each and every volunteer, for his/her participation means a lot to the continuity of this chapter in serving its members. And as a volunteer myself I’ve found that this experience is very rewarding, I’ve learned a lot more than I can imagine, and I’ve also met a number of wonderful people.


Thank you and welcome to the IMA Lebanon Chapter, stay tuned for coming events


IMA Lebanon Chapter President

Christy Cattouf, CMA, CPA (LACPA)

IMA lebanon President 19