President's Message

Hello Everyone,

First I would like to mention that I'm really glad and grateful to be a member of the IMA family and currently serving as the President of IMA Lebanon chapter. 

As all of you already know, things in 2020 and 2021 have been very challenging, especially in Lebanon, because of the financial crisis the country has been experiencing on top of the pandemic that changed everything on a global level, and affected our normal way of living, our jobs, our relationships, and of course our operations as a chapter. 

However, in order to keep supporting the community, we continued to conduct webinars instead of in person events, to create awareness about the value of being a CMA and an IMA member, and to educate our members on different professional topics. 
Regarding the upcoming period, I will be doing my best, along with the chapter board members, to support the CMA community and add value to the chapter. 

Finally, I wish a quick recovery to our country, and that the pandemic comes to an end very soon, so I can meet all the IMA members in person.

Thank you and welcome to the IMA Lebanon Chapter, stay tuned for our upcoming events


IMA Lebanon Chapter President

Ziad Jehayem, CMA, CSCA

IMA lebanon President 20